2nd Moscow International Conference «Molecular Phylogenetics MolPhy-2» Moscow, 18-21 May 2010

Getting here

Travelers staying at the University Student House please consult the “Hotel booking” section.

From the airport

A fastest and reliable public transportation from Moscow airports to the city is the AEROEXPRESS railway.

AEROEXPRESS delivers passengers between the airports and major city railway terminals of Moscow: Vnukovo International AirportKievsky Railway Station; Domodedovo International AirportPaveletsky Railway Station; Sheremetyevo International AirportBelorussky Railway Station.

Shuttles depart every 30 mins and take about 25-45 mins to the city, depending on destination. Special services are available to passengers travelling with particular airlines. Please inquire with your carrier, and find more information on the Fares & Services section of the AEROEXPRESS website.

Upon arrival in the city the easy way is to take the Moscow Metro to the station “UNIVERSITET”. The station is located right next to the Moscow State University campus on Sparrow Hills. You can either walk to the venue or take a short trip on ground transport (see below).

Magnetic passes for one or several rides on the metro can be purchased only at entrances of each metro station (28 RUB single ride). More detailed information on metro fares is available here.

Magnetic passes for ground transport can be purchased either from the driver (28 RUB) or at MOSGORTRANS (ĢĪŃĆĪŠŅŠĄĶŃ) stalls (25 RUB) located at exits of many metro stations or ground transport stops. Numerous minibus shuttles mirror the routes of busses and trolleybuses and offer quick rides.

From “UNIVERSITET” metro station

To the New School Building (Shuvalovsky Korpus)
Stop “Mendeleevskaya str.”: buses 67, 130, 260, 113, 47, 187, 1, 103, 661, 119 (minibus 329), trolleybus 34 (minibus 525).
Stop “Fundamentalnaya Biblioteka” (equipped with underground passage): busses 67, 130, 260, 47, 187, 103, trolleybus 34 (minibus 525), 49.

To Moscow State University (Main Building, Student House)
Stop “DK MGU” (or “Dom Kul’tury MGU”): buses 661, 113, 1, 119 (minibus 329).
Stop “Fundamentalnaya Biblioteka”: busses 67, 130, 260, 47, 187, 103, trolleybus 34 (minibus 525), 49.

Stop “Ploschad Indiry Gandi”: buses 67, 130, 260, 47, 187, 103, 661, trolleybus 34 (minibus 525), 49.

By Taxi

A convenient and safe way is to take a taxi. However, you are advised to arrange a driver only at dedicated TAXI counters at the airport. Beware of crook private drivers who will offer you an unfair price. Legal TAXI will cost about 2000 – 2500 RUB depending on the company. With current traffic, the trip can take from one to three hours.

The Moscow State University area, with nearby hotels, food and transport

Look at MSU larger map

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